Topper Madness

Kicking off the final Topper basketball season

Jadaly Gillihan

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April 5, 2023

Joe Burlingame

Coach Froedden and #1 Derek Curtis

This Friday, after the last Hillwood football game, the basketball team and coaches are hosting Topper Madness to kick off the basketball season.  After the football game, there will be pizza for the first 150 students and then games for all to enjoy and play. 

 “We are looking forward to basketball season and building momentum to have a great season. It helps get the energy around our season up and get people excited about the guys that we will be putting on the court this year. It will make people aware that we are getting ready to start our season and can really use the support of everyone,” Head Basketball Coach Froedden said.

This event is for Hillwood’s community, families of players, and most of all, Hillwood students to show their support for the Hillwood 2022-2033 basketball team.  

“We will have the band perform, the cheerleaders and majorettes doing their thing. We will have games that fans can attend. It should be a special night. I am excited to see where we are as a school, and most importantly, where we are going,” Froedden said.

The players of the 2022-2023 Hillwood basketball team are enthusiastic about Topper Madness.

“This is helping to get our peers together to build a relationship and environment that we need. I’m excited to get our peers ready for the basketball season and build connections with them. This is affecting Hillwood in a positive way by building relationships within our community and bringing good energy our way,” said senior post guard Dereck Curtis.

If one of our very own Hillwood 2022-2023 basketball players is this excited, so should you. Come out and support your fellow Hillwood family this Friday.

“[The players] are so excited. They have been talking about it for some time. We have worked hard in preseason conditions and look forward to actually playing games,” Froedden said.