Was it all a lie?


You made me believe you wanted me.

You made me believe we were meant to be.

You made me feel heard and seen.

You made me feel like I could be relieved. 

But that’s not what you wanted to happen right?

You just wanted my attention.

You just wanted my company.

You just wanted to feel loved.

And I gave you what you wanted and more.

I gave you everything you craved without hesitation. 

I gave you validation.

I guess it got too much for you.

But she was enough for you too, right?

You had to choose who you wanted more.

But you chose her.

Leaving me wondering why I wasn’t good enough.

Was everything you said to me a lie?

Did you really like me as much as you said?

Did you really mean every single compliment you’ve said to me?

Or was it all a lie?