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James Lawson High’s First International Day Adds Sparkle to School Spirit

Nestled within the vibrant halls of James Lawson High School lies a diverse tapestry of students, each contributing a unique thread to the rich fabric of our academic community. One remarkable occasion that encapsulates this celebration of diversity is International Day, a kaleidoscopic event where students and teachers embark on a sensory journey, immersing themselves in the cultures of their peers through tantalizing flavors, vibrant performances, and shared experiences.

“It makes me really happy to see everyone celebrate their cultural differences,” Junior Wan Tovi, who will represent Kurdistan, said.

“My favorite part of International Day is seeing how much fun the people participating and the people attending are having,” Tovi said.

With participants representing various countries and cultures, this inaugural celebration is set to be a milestone in the school’s history, fostering unity and appreciation for global perspectives.

“I hope to see everyone have fun and celebrate each other’s culture,” Tovi said.

These wonderful individuals hail from various corners of the globe, bringing with them a wealth of cultures, traditions, and stories. At James Lawson, we celebrate this diversity, recognizing that it not only enriches our educational experience but also fosters a global perspective within our tight-knit community.

“[We hope] to expand to a bigger crowd and make people feel more comfortable with showing their cultures,” junior Yasmin Wolde, who will represent Ethiopia, said, reflecting a shared desire among students to create a more inclusive environment.

Reflecting on last year’s experiences, Tovi shared vivid memories of the vibrant activities that unfolded at Hillwood High’s last International Day. From a lively K-pop performance that had everyone singing along to a potluck featuring delicious dishes from around the world, the event was a celebration of cultural richness. She also recalled a unique performance by Vietnam, showcasing a gambling card game from their culture. The festivities began with a fashion show, allowing students to proudly display the national clothing of their countries, accompanied by cultural music.

As James Lawson High School gears up for its first International Day, Tovi expressed her hopes for a significant increase in participation, emphasizing the importance of fostering a sense of unity and understanding among students.

Junior Yasmin Wolde representing Ethiopia, shared her experiences from a previous International Day celebration. Highlighting the fashion show as her favorite part, she expressed excitement about indulging in delicious international cuisine. Yasmin recalled watching an entertaining Aztec dance performance and praised the event for its emphasis on diversity and food.

Both Yasmin and Wan shared a common sentiment about the significance of International Day in fostering unity and celebrating diversity.

“International day to me means sharing who I am on the inside and my roots since you can’t really see it just by looking at me,” Wan representing Kurdistan explained. “It means a lot to me since my parents came from such a different background, and International Day helps me share how they grew up and how different it is here in the US.”

In terms of improvement and expansion, both Yasmin and Wan provided valuable suggestions. Wan emphasized the need for more meetings in preparation for International Day, addressing a gap identified from the previous year’s experience.

As James Lawson High School embarks on its inaugural International Day celebration, the enthusiasm and commitment of its students to make the event a success are palpable. The school community eagerly awaits the day when they can come together to celebrate, learn, and embrace the rich tapestry of cultures that make up the unique fabric of James Lawson High School.

Join us as we explore how International Day at James Lawson High School becomes a vivid tapestry of unity, fostering understanding, and connecting hearts across borders.


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