College Prep for Juniors


Juniors that plan to go to college have things they need to do to prepare. It is important to start planning the path they are going to take and research colleges and their requirements. They should also prepare for standardized tests and look at their financial aid options.

Starting your college preparation early makes the long process easier. To choose a path you have to first collect information from your local sources to connect what aligns with your future goals.

According to admissions counselors at Hocking College, the college search process starts informally. Begin by talking to counselors, family members and perhaps visiting work locations that interest you to see what the day-to-day routine is like. 

“When I started getting prepared for college I got help from my friends and family,” junior Kinsley Mangrum said.

When picking a school, you need to have 5-10 options in mind and make a ranking based on their criteria and create a list of their admission requirements. The schools should be ranked based on their requirements to enroll and their features such as special programs, sports, and majors.

Starting your college application process earlier will make it overall better and prepare you more.

“Worrying about college can be stressful but having help and resourceful people helps make it easier,” junior Alexis Martin said.