Power Youth Summer Internships

Power Youth is a program that gives students learning opportunities and soft skills for their future career.


Power Youth summer internships are now available to Davidson County students between the ages 14-22. There are a variety of internships to apply for that are all over Davidson County. The internships last for six weeks and provide students with possible future career opportunities and practical skills.

“It’s a great opportunity to network and to get a taste of the professional workplace to decide if that is a career of interest to them,” said Hillwood Academy Coach Mary York.

All high school students have a chance to be accepted for the internships as long as they meet the requirements. 

“POWER Youth is a program that exists to provide job opportunities for high school students over the course of the summer that gives them the chance to explore a career they have an interest in and learn some skills to use for their future,” said Power Youth Coordinator Jake Troxell.

The students who live in Davidson County and apply to become interns are picked if it is determined they “would be a good fit” after going through the interview process. Power Youth is an original program that positively influences students.

“This program is really unique in that it provides soft skills training on top of the hours they are going to work and get hands-on experience,” said Troxell. “Many programs provide one or the other but to have the opportunity to practice the skills you are learning is something that is incredibly empowering.”