Just Keep Livin’ at Hillwood


The Just Keep Livin’ foundation was founded by Camila and Matthew McConaughy to influence high schoolers and is here at Hillwood with Katy Rosa and Samantha Danis.

According to the JKL website the foundation was founded to prepare high school students to live healthy and active lives.

“We focus on providing kids with experiences they do not get in their everyday lives (rock climbing, 5k’s, ice skating, camping, obstacle courses, hiking, yoga, etc.),” Rosa said.

Members of JKL get to experience fun and new activities, and it hopes to put students on the right path to lead a moral life.

“Just Keep Livin’ Foundation is all about helping students find their passion, their drive, and building stronger young people and communities,” Rosa said.

Students part of JKL enjoy and benefit from this program. Danis and Rosa, the instructors of JKL at Hillwood, want to encourage other students to join.

“I think the purpose is to inspire the next generations to get out of their comfort zone and experience life. There is so much out there, and we want to introduce these things to our students,” Rosa said.

“We do yoga and that relieves stress, a lot of us have anxiety,” junior Yazmin Jackson said.

The Just Keep Livin’ foundation gives students the opportunity to have new experiences and enjoy life.

“We try to get out and have fun, and get a break from school,” junior Yazmin Jackson said.


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