Choir and Orchestra Invited to Perform at We Are Nashville Festival

Hillwood’s Chamber choir and orchestra were invited to perform at the We Are Nashville festival hosted in the Schermerhorn Symphony Center on March 28, 2023.

“The We Are Nashville festival is a music based festival for middle TN school based ensembles. The purpose of the event was to foster a rich music experience,” choir director Tyler Merideth said.

This event was performed by many choral and orchestra students from all over Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools to showcase the strengths of the city of Nashville and its unique features.  

“My favorite song that we performed was It takes a whole village. I feel like it spoke a lot about unity and kindness which is what we all need at this time I really enjoyed performing with the other choir,” senior Jackie Bita said.

Students and members also took a moment of silence and grieved the loss of the students from Covenant. 

“It was a very  memorable moment for us as students. We were glad that they gave us the time to remember the lost lives,” junior Vanessa Guerrier said.

Students spent the day learning from other directors and creating new memories with other students. 

“I loved going to the practice room and learning how to correct my posture to be successful as a singer. I learned to relieve neck tension. It was overall a great experience” Guerrier said.