Hillwood Yoga Club


Hillwood has a Yoga program. If you love to do yoga, or if you’ve never done yoga and you’re interested, you should join the yoga club. 

The Yoga Club meets every Wednesday after school at 2:15pm in the library.

‘’The students meet for the Yoga Club at the library. If the weather is nice we go outside to do yoga,” math teacher Shelby Crandall said. 

If you want to ask any information about the yoga program, you can email or talk to  Ms. Crandall. 

“If you want to join the Yoga club, you can come in, you don’t need to sign up, you can show up whenever you want,” Crandall said.

The yoga club has been meeting for five years at Hillwood. Yoga teaches you about how to work with your breathing or helps with your mental health.

“ [I started the program because ] I enjoy yoga myself and I especially enjoy how yoga teaches me a lot about my own breathing and about my body and a lot of the things I learn during yoga I can use off the mate, so if I ever feel anxious and stressed, I know breathing techniques to help me calm myself. So, I think it is really important that our students learn some of those strategies as well,” Crandall said.

If you feel worried, stressed, not happy or having a bad day, yoga can be something that will help you control that and feel a little better with yourself after. Some students at school may feel like that and the Yoga Club can be something that will be helpful to go if you feel interested in doing yoga.

“[My favorite thing about yoga club is] I just enjoy seeing the students try things for the first time, it feels silly doing some of the poses but it always ends up with everyone laughing and having a good time,” Crandall said.