Happy Fri-Yay From The Library!


March Activities

Hillwood’s own Library will be hosting Fri-Yay, every Friday during lunch. What is Fri-Yay, you might be asking?

According to librarian, Ms. Fallon, Fri-Yay is an “informal activity space to bring the school community together.”

There will be arts and crafts, performances, games, and guest speakers each Fri-yay. Fallon wants to “emulate a public library setting for those who had never been. ”

“A library’s not just for studying and reading, it’s a place you can find a community,” said Fallon.

The hope is to bring some fresh faces into the library and provide an excellent outlet for creativity through art, teamwork, and learning.

The first Fri-Yay was a considerable success for senior performer Gaby Richter.

“The crowd got bigger and gave me good energy.” She says it was a “good experience” and she recommends other students give it a try.

After their first successful Fri-Yay, Fallon was already thinking of ways to improve the sign-up system. She is also excited for the next week. Fallon “loved watching [Gaby] be creative.”

Sign-ups for Fri-Yay will be on Eventbrite open Monday morning through Thursday afternoon.

[Monthly updated event posters can be found here.]