Holiday Choir Production

This year Hillwood choir is preparing for the last year at Hillwood, next year will we be expecting the James Lawson Choir to up their game? Only time will tell.

Although this is Hillwood’s last year, we should be expecting nothing but greatness from this choir season. The Hillwood choir is getting ready for their winter concert on December 1 at 6:00 pm.

“In addition to school concerts, we will also be participating in we are Nashville festival.” choir director Tyler Meredith said.

During the winter choir, they will be singing Christmas songs, South African songs, Queen songs, and one Frozen song.Such a variety of songs will be sure to please the audience.

“We perform two times per year at Hillwood, and Emmanuel Baptist Church sponsors us,” senior Ashly Hernandez said. 

Just by the looks of the choir rehearsals, everything will be really good and hopefully, by the time we get around to each concert, we should be excited.

“I’m most excited about the a capella group and what we can bring to the table” 10th grader Erica Roberts said