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What Happens When Jo’s Gone

What happens when Jo’s gone? The short answer: chaos.

A short story (in script/audio transcript format) inspired vaguely by The Magnus Archives. The story starts when Barley’s filing a few artifacts in the basement. They find a book containing death runes, so curious, they try out a few spells. It… well, it doesn’t go as planned. In this script, Iggy (it/they/star) is the head investigator for Wilzer and Co. Investigations, an investigative organization Iggy founded with it’s sister, Jo. Jo (she/her) is away looking into a crime scene. Barley (he/they) is the archivist, so he mainly focuses on organizing and making transcripts of statements. This pieces is an exploration of my own original characters.

Iggy (it/they/star): a netherian hybrid with fire-manipulation. It has short tusks, pointed ears, and a hog’s tail. 

Barley (he/they): a nature fae with an affinity for plants. Pointed ears and hands that look as if they’ve been dipped in green paint. 


Iggy: Oh hey Barley! I was- 

Barley: I need… [panting] help. One of the artifacts Jo sent got… weird. 

Iggy: Glad I was recording. 

Barley: You were recording? 

Iggy: I always am. Bring the recorder, will you? I’ll handle the artifact. 

[a muffled crash] 

Barley: Uh oh. Um, guess you’re coming with. 

[several minutes where the only sound is the rustling of fabric and Barley’s breathing] 

Barley: Okay, so whoever’s transcribing this- probably me– is gonna have a tough time figuring out what’s happening. So. Let’s see. There’s a giant… decapitated deer? I think? With a floating human skull. And- oh! Not the shelv- 


Iggy: [faintly] Ow! Hey! 

[the deer roars] 

Iggy: Why are you trying to be a hoglin?! Stop it! 

Barley: Yep, just gonna… move… um, so the skull has green flames for eyes and there’s a book, what, embedded? Yeah, embedded in the base of it’s neck. Where the shoulders are. With tree branches. The book is what made the deer, so- 

[louder] Hey Iggy, go for the book! 

Iggy: Duh! I’m going in again, wonder if- 

[a crashing, splintering noise] 

[several minutes of muffled noise and static] 

[The noise trails off into the whirring of the recorder] 



Barley: Okay, so I lost the recorder. Well, I dropped it, in the storage room, so now I need to go find it- 

Iggy: [darkly] You’re still banned. 

Barley: It wasn’t my fault! How was I supposed to know it would react to fae magic? 

Iggy: You shouldn’t have been using magic. 

Barley: There were death runes in there. What was I supposed to do? 

Iggy: [annoyed] Bring it to me! 

Barley: You would’ve done the same thing. 

Iggy: I- that- yeah! That’s beside the point! 

Barley: I think that’s exactly the point. But now it’s just a pile of magical ash. Can’t do much with that. 

Iggy: There’s a lot you could do with that. 

Barley: [sigh] You can’t read ash, Iggy! 

Iggy: Eh. 


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