International Day


Hillwood’s Last International Day featured representations of various countries like Ecuador, Honduras, and Vietnam. There were performances made by students that consisted of dancing and singing made to represent their countries, and they also prepared foods from their country. It was also led by senior Suoz Tovi and sponsored by teachers Luke Oakman and Lynne Robinson. 

International Day helped shine light on many cultures and made students feel recognized.

“Being a part of international day helped me be more informed in other cultures and customs and me feel more comfortable to my identity,” junior Anton Do said.

The importance of students getting to represent their culture affects who they are.

“It’s very important to represent your culture and who you are because it builds upon your character,” Do said.

International Day is important for students have the opportunity to see the diversity in their peers and represent their own culture.

“I think international day is important because everyone can recognize how diverse our school is,” junior Jacqueline Nguyen said.

Students organizing events that they can take part in is unique.

“It is a great opportunity for students to lead something that the rest of the school can take part in,” Oakman said.