Senior Jackson Black’s Sports Scholarship

Senior Jackson Black was five years old when he started to play baseball. He was inspired by his family and enjoyed watching it on tv with them.

“Watching baseball encouraged me to want to participate in the sport as a child,” Black said.

Baseball inspires him to be his best self on a day to day basis. His awarded scholarship encourages him to play better and and has inspired him to keep going with his sports career.

“I’m going to continue playing for four years, and I’m inspired to coach at a college after,” Black said.

He feels baseball has helped him develop a good work ethic. It helps him get through difficult things that life throws at him. With the support of friends and family, Jackson keeps going with his passion. He says their support is why he is successful today. 

“I train a lot, and work out a lot. I think there is a lot that goes into the sport that nobody sees,” Black said.

He worked really hard even though he didn’t always think his dream was possible to achieve. With every tough milestone, Black has worked really hard to deserve this scholarship. Black is really thankful to his friends, family and supporters to help him achieve his goals.

“Jackson has worked so hard to give him the opportunity to play baseball at the next level. He had a dream and goal to play college baseball and worked as hard as he could to fulfill that. I’m looking forward to seeing what he does with it.” Baseball Coach Coby Ginsberg said.

Division III doesn’t give athletic scholarships. Black earned all his money from his GPA. His father also works at Vanderbilt, which allows him to get full tuition.

“To upcoming baseball players, always work at it regardless of how the situation looks,” Black said.

 “He works hard. He does more than just every day practices–he goes beyond and always works on his own,” Baseball Coach Jackson said.