The Final Climb for Boys Basketball


The Hillwood boys’ basketball team started their last season November 15, 2022. Although they didn’t start off as well as they wanted to, with approximately 30 upcoming games, they continue to practice rigorously to make this a memorable season considering it is the last of Hillwood. 

The basketball team has a completely different plan for this final Hillwood season. It will be unlike any other.

“The plan for this year’s season is to maximize who this team can be. We have seven seniors who have all played a lot of basketball who really want to finish on a high note so if these guys can maximize who they are as players…it can be a special year for them,” Coach Froedden said.

The senior players are trying to make this season their best and are very sad to be the last Hillwood alumni. 

“I feel good because it’s been a good four years with the coach and the other seniors, ” senior Derek Curtis said.

The last game on February 7th at Hillwood will be hugely celebrated with the invitation of Hillwood alumni and anyone who is interested in attending. There will also be a vlog created by the journalism team to remember the final game. 

 “I feel like this last season at Hillwood is very special, and we will make it count,” senior Jared Day said.

In the spirit of the holidays, the boys will also be hosting “The Final Climb Holiday Basketball Tournament” on December 19-21.

“At the end of the day, they are going to close the school next year and the lasting memory for basketball will be what this team does. We want to make sure to leave on a positive note commemorating the history of the toppers. We are excited about the opportunity to have one last shining moment at Hillwood which is the motto the boys have been going by,” Froedden said