Fictional Series: Is Murder a Sin, Especially if Nobody Knows?

Chapter One: Insidious Incidents


When beginning a story like the one I’m about to tell you, the first thing you’d expect would be to not find a deep connection into any of these of the people I tell you about; they’re all bound to die.

Kyle McCoy would start his day off just as any other person would, he’d wake up, he’d get out of bed, he’d brush his teeth and wash his face. He’d hide the body that was massacred in his home last night. Ignore that last part, no really ignore it. Kyle would walk into the kitchen, his mother and father already at the kitchen table eating their breakfast. His mother would look over at him seeing a delightful young man the real him being a true demon a murderous little bastard that had no heart.

Kyle would get up waving at his mother ‘Thank you for the food mother.’ He’d walk outside a Golden sulfur watery trail following his footsteps; he’d spark a match up, dropping it as the trail lit up on fire burning the house down with his mother and father inside plus the corroding, lifeless, meaningless, dead body inside of his home.

He’d light a cigarette walking away as the yells of horror could be heard, he’d walk down the street getting on his bus after he threw the cigarette onto the ground he’d then go sit down beside his friend Jace Reynard.

Jace was a green eyed 6’5″ athletic student he was also trained in detective work by his father even if he’s the best male volleyball player in the school, he wanted to pursue detective work it was his calling. He solved the worlds hardest escape rooms in under Ten minutes each of them.

Kyle fist bumped his friend his dark secret of the early morning murders he committed being kept under wraps or at-least that’s what Kyle thought, Jace would look at his friend ‘You smell like a can of gasoline I’ve been your friend for a while though and I know didn’t you get a job at an tire company, even so there’s no way your job would legally let you get off a few minutes before you have to catch the bus or maybe you just fueled the lawnmower early this morning I’d try to get that smell off of you soon unless you want one of the school’s privileged children to say something to you about it we both now how critical they are.’

Panic would have settled into Kyle’s heart especially after hearing that he’d let out a fake laugh from his deceiving face ‘where the hell did that come from it was random, don’t you think Jace?, Anyways I was helping my father pour gasoline into the lawnmower his hand isn’t steady enough to pour it alone and he didn’t want to start a fire’

Jace would give a knowing nod as the bus slowed down arriving in front of the school as the two doors opened up like an origami fold.

Kyle was the first to get off of the bus he didn’t want to be questioned further more this wasn’t his first time murdering someone he could even be consider as an serial killer but he cleans up the evidence so well not a single knowing person knows that he’s a murdering, despair fueling, deceiving, little sinful human.

Jace would notice how quickly Kyle got off of the bus this was normal though Jace wouldn’t chase his friend down it was a waste, Jace would walk to class taking his seat in the middle of the classroom as he was ready and prepared for class.

Just before the bell would ring the one and only Kyle ran through the doors barely making it on time the teacher would sigh she was also used to this behavior from him.

Kyle took a seat beside Jace, their mutual friend and Kyle’s love interest Emma Rose would sit in the middle of the two almost like a coin split into opposite ends. Jace a hard working, detective, thrill seeking adventurer and Kyle a lazy, useless, mindless idiot or at least that’s what his father told him almost everyday of his life well at-least not now right?

After sitting through a few classes of remote learning programming kids without talent to be office workers it was finally lunch time all three of the friends Kyle, Jace, and Emma would walk together something sinister lurking dark and far within Kyle as he noticed Jace and Emma holding hands as they walked, This made Kyle nonetheless sick to his stomach so sick he’d begin to scheme right then and there everything flashing red and black as nothing but anger and a white noise could be heard in his head ‘Hey guys I have to go grab something from my locker.’ He’d run off before they could respond his world spinning, red was all he saw everything slowly becoming darker a crooked smile appearing across his face a tune playing in his head ‘I have my next victim, I might dice em I might chop em I’ll end him instantly like a car on E.’ He’d then breathe in and out preparing for his next victim (prey) Kyle was no easy target the police chief’s son a jr. Detective in training, one of the most physical people he knew, seventeen with a six pack, just above six foot and two twenty pounds of pure muscles.

Kyle’s breath grew heavy as he went back into the cafeteria sitting in between the two on purpose “so pepperoni slices how about we all go out today? You know some good old friend group ultimate trio action” Jace would nod agreeing to go “alright I have the place planned already I’ll text you the deets once lunch is over” A loud static noise would be heard before a loud yet familiar voice was heard it was the principal. Kyle knew exactly what he’d say next, ‘Mr. McCoy we need you in the office I repeat we need Kyle McCoy to the office’

The entire cafeteria would begin to stare as Kyle looked at Jace and Emma ‘I’ll uhh..I’ll be back hopefully? I’m sending the dets as we speak though so no worries we won’t cancel tonight the principal can’t stop me from having fun right’ he laughed grabbing his bag as he ran to the office walking through the door once he had arrived.

The principal looked with solemn in his eyes “Kyle..take a seat for me I have something to tell you”, with a fake worried expression the evil demonic spawn known as Kyle McCoy would take a seat pretending like he didn’t know what the principal would say next, “Your parents..the house it uhh..” the principal would cough trying to get the words out “the house burned down with your parents inside and we haven’t got in touch with any other members of your family but I do understand how hard this can be on you and I’m so sorry Kyle” The boy knew he had to give a performance that was so believable that the principal wouldn’t question him tears plenty of tears falling from his eyes at command he’d raise his voice “You understand how hard it is for me..? Nothing without my fathers guidance and my mothers love. I have nowhere to go, No food to eat, no bed to sleep. But you understand right principal Brown?, you and your family have that nice fancy house, the two story with five bedrooms on Grove Ridge park but you understand me? You understand not having anything…you don’t, maybe you have before but you don’t right now so don’t talk to me about this understanding bullshit because you don’t get it.” Kyle would wipe the tears getting up as he walked out before he could even get all the way out of the door his friends were there both hugging him tightly together Jace speaking up “I’m sorry Kyle.” Jace has always found a way to blame himself “maybe I could go look around your house no one knows the interior like your best friend of two years right?” Kyle would hug back fake sniffling (encore encore, handclaps as he bowed) “No guys please I don’t even want to think about it we promised to go out tonight and we will..please”