Rock Band Winter Concert


The upcoming winter rock band concert, organized by the rock band students with the help of the rock band director, Dylan Schuman, will be on February 16th at 6pm. The concert will feature student-written songs and a few solos. 

Schuman is letting most of the concert be organized by the students.

“The students will run the majority of the show on their own. They will introduce the concert, and each group will introduce their own songs,” said Schuman.

This show will feature a wide range of genres. There will be both vocal and instrumental pieces including group performances and solos.

“The genres range, but most are rock-based songs. We do have a solo piano song, a solo guitar song, and an a cappella song. It’s about a 50/50 split with songs having lyrics,” said Schuman.

This concert is unique because of the amount of ownership the students have in creating their own music to make an entire concert. 

“I believe very few schools around have ever attempted an entire concert of original student composition,” said Schuman.

Many of the songs are meaningful to the students writing them.

“My own song called ‘Except Myself’– it’s about how I’ve been struggling with my self-worth recently,” said senior Kennedy Jenkins.

There are also students that are just having fun with their songs.

“We are ‘punked,’ that’s our thing– it’s just us jamming, it’s called ‘Get Away,” said sophomore Meli Light.

The concert is expected to be full of fun due to the creativity of the rock band students.

“People should look forward to getting to hear new songs and really talented artists [do] their own thing– and have fun,” said senior Kennedy Jenkins.