The Current


Getty Images/iStockphoto

River in the mountains behind the stream of rich water

Constrained by walls
Of dirt and stones
Never allowed to go beyond
Always shallow, slow, and lone

The path was set
Almost inevitable
No thrill. No danger
For the foot does not go deep

Always lower than the knee
Predictable and safe
If you can see the bottom
You can see through all the trees

Nothing like what he wanted
How does he know
It moves so quickly
Sights are blurred

Not set in stone
Only changing with movement
The drop may come
Not with notice

He doesn’t know
But he is certain
It’s what he wants
Something different

Long, changing
Motion, uncertainty
Often treacherous
Somehow, invigorating

That’s what he knows
But how does he get there
He is stuck
In water

Beneath the knee
With everything
Set out
Its where they put him

No knowledge
Trapped by something untrappable
Maybe one day
he will escape